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Enrique Arellano Farias 2

You are welcome to my practice of Psychotherapy. I work with Internal Family Systems, AEDP, Osteopathy, Counselling Psychology, and Body Psychotherapy.

Coming to therapy is a courageous choice. Honor yourself for taking this step towards your healing and personal growth.

Together it's easier to look into whatever is there and bring about change that is lasting.

In my practice as a mind-body psychotherapist, I intend to see people as a whole.

I work to bring safety, peace of mind, energy and restore connections for my clients.

Long-term practice and dedicated study of recent research and therapy models have confirmed to me that we respond to and are wired for emotions and connection. It is through a genuine, careful and kind approach to one's emotions that inner change facilitates personal transformation.

My beginning as energy and bodyworker taught me about the value of non-verbal communication and the depth of their reach and about the resilience of our innermost resources residing in each person´s essence that covey as courage, compassion, joy, creativity, calm and much more.

As we experience life in our present and our past, our essence may suffer disconnection from our minds, body, and relationships. Therapy work supports your noble intentions to get well, to mend your heart and to reconnect.

To schedule a consultation please email me: [email protected]


I look forward to hearing from you

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