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Psychotherapy is a human art and science of being with another person with the purpose of supporting the healing mind, body, heart and Spirit. One of the objectives of Psychotherapy is to provide treatment of mental or emotional distress or difficulties in adjustment by talking. In Body-psychotherapy this happens by understanding the body, its rhythm, movement, natural energy flow. As a qualified therapist, I intend to bring the effect of alleviating your mental, emotional, or psychosomatic origins distress.
I am trainned in the following styles of Psychotherapy:

Body Psychotherapy

The intimate connection between body and mind offers significant clues into alleviating distress and bringing aliveness back into your life. The body holds your untold stories about how you have felt and lived through your life. Many people have learned to numb out or block their human feelings in the body and therefore have lost incredible amounts of vitality, spontaneity and a sense of who they are as persons. Body Psychotherapy helps restore aliveness, the feeling capacity as it works through to dissolve the blocks with analysis of what come out as the body begins to move and release its tensions. This work provides a therapeutic approach from the bottom (the body) up (the mind) providing a deeper connection to your inner core of Self and its natural flow of energy and vitality. My training was with Albert Pesso (PBSP Therapy) and Core Energetics (John Pierrakos, Ruppert Lorusso), also informed by my experience with Yoga Therapeutics, Upledeger Craniosacral Therapy and other body works like Continuum movement.

IFS Psychotherapy Method

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) method is a way to understand your internal system and help it to transform and heal. IFS is based on the principle that there is a whole, resourceful Self at the core of every person and that accessing and working with that self is a safe, effective way to heal other, hurt parts of the mind. These parts communicate and relate to each other as if they were an internal family – hence the name ‘Internal Family Systems‘. The IFS method works to understand and heal those parts of the family that might be causing conflict or unhappiness, rather than suppressing or battling with them. IFS may be life-changing, both by therapists using the method and by individuals who have experienced it.

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Attachment Psychotherapy for Adults

Some adults experience solitude, anxiety, disorganization, and feel insecure to deal with a hostile world outside. They do not find soothing quickly. Others may have a difficulty with feeling safe in relationships or not feeling their body. Many of this experiences have their origin at a very early time in people's life. As human beings, our survival mechanism configures our nervous system to be in a relationship with our parents or carers, as babies we needed warmth, proximity, and an available parental figure. These inbuilt mechanisms are called attachment and when our needs were not met we develop unthinkable anxiety. Our nervous systems detect if we are safe, tended to, regulated in our emotions. We sometimes survive neglecting childhoods, trauma or abuse as kids and our system suffer as a consequence. Sometimes we don´t even have the memory of what has happened, all that we have are the symptoms above described. In those cases, having to discard all medical possibilities of illness in therapy we address the psychosomatic residues of this early childhood experiences that are so difficult to understand and to treat because they originated at a time where there was no language in a person. Through regular sessions, safety returns to your life.

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Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP)

The PBSP method focuses on repairing traumatic memories by offering a substitute consciously and carefully created the memory. PBSP understands the operational thinking of the mind and works with mind and body connection creating representations that the mind can receive for its healing. Albert Pesso was a teacher for many prominent world psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He was the precursor for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and other similar modalities of Psychotherapy used to treat trauma. In this therapy, the five needs of a human being are attended to for healing in the symbolic level of the mind and creating a cascading effect on the body. It results in wellbeing and healing. Enrique Arellano was a disciple of Albert Pesso and Lowjis Perquin and has a certificate to practice PBSP.