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When is best to seek therapy?

The best moment to start therapy is once you have chosen to face what is bothering you from inside with the help of a skilled therapist. It may be that you have waited and worked on your own to try to get rid of the discomfort,  sadness or anger and have not quite succeeded. Maybe you know already about the benefits of therapy, and you want to tackle your process immediately. Probably you have had a sudden loss, negative news or unsuspected revelation that has to turn your life upside down. Working it through with support makes all the difference to bounce into resilience. Across a person´s entire lifespan we experience the needs that require help.

Support comes from a therapist can facilitate clarity, depth, and possibilities for change. Asking for help is a very human drive, and help is available, and patience with yourself and your therapist is required to venture into the exploration of your inner life and your patterns so that relief can come your way.


What to expect in a therapy session?

Each therapy session is different. With the aim of establishing a relationship with your therapist to focus on your goals.

Each session can last:

a) 55 minutes on a weekly basis

b) 1hr and 30 minutes on every other week.

c) 2hrs in an intensive format.

Therapy can have different durations: It can be brief and with short term goals, midterm therapy or long-term therapy serves to work with long-standing feelings, inner states, or chronic problems or for those who are looking for continued personal growth and development.

Long-distance consultations are available through Skype, or Zoom provided that we both meet what is required to attend to your request. Long distance sessions work best when we have met in person first when this is possible.


Attending to regular dedicated therapy sessions bring benefits to the client such as:

  • Learn about themselves
  • Become more tolerant of imperfections
  • Gain insight into their thoughts and feelings
  • Ability to modify and take charge of behaviors
  • Peace of mind
  • Learn to forgive themselves and others.
  • Start a new career path or a new business project that in alignment with their Soul.
  • Reduce stress, sleep better and have more energy for their life.
  • Learning new skills and strategies for their lives and relationships.


Do you accept insurance?

If you are located in Spain:

I am not a member of The Spanish Psychological Guild, (Colegio de Psicologos). All payments must be done directly to me at the begining of each session or upon an established agreement. Invoices for sessions are available with Sessions labeled as professional services, consultancy, or coaching.

I am a licensed Body Psychotherapist member of the European Assoc. for Body Psychotherapy ( an official branch of European Assoc. for Psychotherapy) as in Spain there is no accreditation body for Body-Psychotherapy.


Confidentiality: All my sessions are confidential and adhere to the Ethical guidelines of The European Association for Body Psychotherapy ( There are legal exceptions to confidentiality and besides these exceptions therapist will not disclose any information unless it has the written consent of the client.

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